About Me

I’m Kate if you’ve not gathered by the title of my blog-I’m your average 28 year old woman from just outside of Leeds, Yorkshire. I’m down-to-earth, at times high maintenance but always down to enjoy a giggle. I’d like to describe myself as equal parts sassy and often without a filter. I’ve always been confident enough to give my opinion but I have a fair few insecurities which I guess are part of growing up and finding yourself. Ever feel like you haven’t got it figured out? Ditto. I started my blog back in 2012 under the name ‘Sugarfixx Beauty’ as I’ve found the craving for beauty products and sugar¬†to be one in the same.¬†Originally, my blog was solely beauty focused with reviews and the like but as I’ve grown as a writer, I’ve found that I have more to say than whether you need the latest volumising mascara or a million highlighters. That’s why I decided my blog should be an extension of me and that’s how ‘Oh So Kate’ has come to be. I am a big lover of all things TV/Movies as well as being a huge fan of sport, in particular Wrestling. Yup, this girl knows her DDTs from her Suplexes whilst loving highlighter and eyeliner. Yes world, you can like both sport and makeup without having to categorise yourself as a tomboy or a girly girl. So, expect to see a whole host of posts from makeup to health to interior and more. I hope you’ll enjoy this journey as much as I do. Love, Kate xo