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As a blogger, I’ve always believed that lighting is important. Photos need to look as bright as possible but also true to life. Lighting as a whole has taken on a whole new meaning since I ventured out on my own. Thinking about the different lighting for each room in my flat came to the forefront of my mind more often than I thought it would.

I’ve been looking at kitchen lighting for a while, I have one single pendant bulb at the moment and I feel it looks stark and unfinished. I just can’t decide on the type of light I want though I am leaning towards something geometric. In the living room, I’m extremely tempted to get a swanky chandelier or something as equally eye catching as well as potentially a floor lamp. 

LED lighting really interests me as I live alone and pay all of the electric bills so the less consumption, the better.

I was introduced to Lamp Commerce which has a large range of lighting options for all budgets.

I am a big fan of chandeliers as long as they’re the right size for the room – I’ve seen so many take over the entire room. Size is definitely important.  I have quite a large living room and I think I would be able to get a decent sized chandelier without it being too much. I do quite love the more modern round hanging versions which might go better with the aesthetic of my flat.

I love the Guillaume Delvigne Fabbian Aérostat Floor lamps for a real ‘wow’ factor. They’re almost like a balloon held up by a metallic cage frame.  

When I think of my dream house, a cluster of metallic drop lighting over a kitchen island or dining table is front and centre. Studio Italia Design have the most stunning silver, gold and rose gold designs with varying shapes. I just think they’re so eye-catching in their simplicity.  My current kitchen is tiny but I think something similar on a smaller scale may be the route to go down. The Foscarini Birdie Hanging Lamp is a similar set up and equally as eye-catching. 

I am an absolute sucker for anything shiny and metallic that is for certain. I am living for this Masiero Olá Hanging Lamp, it’s truly stunning and has a colourfully contemporary vibe. I love the different coloured gems and how the colours all compliment one another. Seriously, what a stunning piece of lighting!

I absolutely love the texture of this Artemide Meteorite Pendant Light and I feel like it would disperse light beautifully to add a lovely cosy glow to the living room. The range also has a floor, table and wall version that is so dreamy. 

I’m leaning more towards a modern feel for any additional lighting as my flat is natural greys and metallics with a pop of pastel. 

I could honestly spend hours going through the Lamp Commerce website as there are some really stunning lighting options for all budgets so it’s nice to see some truly luxurious lighting for the dream house. 

If you’re looking for specific lighting or just some inspiration, you will not go a miss with this site.

Do you have any lighting dreams?

Love, K xo

*this post is sponsored by Lamp Commerce but as ever, all opinions are my own*

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