Maybelline Age Rewind


One thing Maybelline excels at is concealers. I’ve been a big fan of their Age-Rewind Concealer for years now and whilst the ‘Brightener’ and ‘Neutralizer’ versions have been available in the US for a while now, they’ve only just launched in the UK.

As the names would suggest, one brightens and the other neutralises any redness. I tend to favour these on days when my skin’s playing up and needs not only concealing but correcting too. Colour correcting is very prominent in the beauty industry at the moment and whilst many products can be overwhelming, these are a doddle. 

I use the pinker shade, ‘Brightener’ to lift my under eyes and any other areas where I need a light boost. This is not shimmery at all, in fact it is pretty matte in colour but the product blends in seamlessly. The ‘Neutralizer’ is great for days when my skin is more blemish prone or just extra red. I use this mainly on my chin and around the sides of my nose to help counteract any unnecessary warmth in my face.

The formula of these is lovely – super creamy but with great coverage and they blend perfectly on top of foundation and other base products. I find I get zero creasing and they last all day. 


The applicator can be a bit hit and miss with people, either you’re down for a sponge tip applicator or you’re not. I personally do not mind the sponge as it applies just the right amount of product and it does so very evenly. I use a dampened beauty sponge to blend everything together, just as I would with any other concealer. 

I must have gone through at least 3 tubes of the ‘Light’ shade as it’s a great concealer that’s really affordable. It’s a staple in my freelance kit too.

I am a big fan of this concealer and these newer, more colour correcting versions are just as lovely.

Have you tried Age Rewind?

Love, K xo



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