My first … facial

I’ve been going to my local salon, Memphis Belle for well over a year now and my experience is always enjoyable. Even if they involve the wax pot! Angela and her team make my visits feel special and since my first time, I have always felt comfortable. I think finding a salon that you feel comfortable in is absolutely essential. 

Up until late last year, I’d never had a facial. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been on this earth for 28 years and never booked in for one. If you read on, you’ll find I am definitely considering having one more regularly.

I booked in for a 60 minute Dermalogica Core Prescriptive Facial Treatment back in December. This type of facial differs depending on the clients skin concerns.  My skin can be oily, though more recently it’s been on the drier side. I often suffer with dehydration and patches of redness on my cheeks. So, for me the facial would focus on dealing with my oily, congested t-zone and adding hydration back into my skin.

I sometimes find it hard to unwind but the soft, relaxing music and aromatherapy based scents really helped drift me off into a state of relaxation. I actually almost fell asleep, which is pretty good going. 

Dermalogica is a brand that I’ve dabbled in but never really tried much of the range.  I was excited to experience the facial and intrigued to see how the products worked. 



The facial started with me lying with a warm blanket with my top off and my hair was placed off my face.  This allowed Angela to start deeply cleansing my skin. I often do a double cleanse at home but having someone else thoroughly clean your face feels wonderful. It actually made me wonder how clean my face actually is. 

Exfoliation is key – ensuring the surface of the skin is smooth and free of dead skin. I love exfoliation, which you’ll find out more about in an upcoming post. My skin was then exfoliated before my favourite part – extractions. As a keen watcher of Dr Pimple Popper, it broke my heart not being able to fully experience this part. I would have loved to have seen the blackheads leave my skin. However, feeling them being removed was pleasure enough. I find I get a build up of them around my nose which has only worsened since getting my nose pierced. 

During each stage of the facial, I was treated to a wonderful shoulder and neck massage which only added to the indulgence. 

The next stage was to add a boost of hydration which meant a mask was applied and left to work its magic for around 10 minutes before removal. The facial was finished with moisturiser and eye cream when applied they felt amazing.



After I eventually got off the bed and made myself look somewhat alive I found my skin felt incredible. Not only that, it looked pretty darn incredible too. It looked clearer, smoother and plump whilst feeling extremely soft and supple. 

I left feeling like I’d spent years of my life wasted not experiencing a facial. I loved the experience so much that I booked in for Dermaplaning which I will be writing about in an upcoming post. 

A big thank you to the lovely Angela for this wonderful experience. If you are in the Wetherby, or Harrogate/Leeds area I recommend you get yourself booked in to Memphis Belle for a treatment. 

Do you get facials?

Love, K xo


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