Morphe Brush Haul


Every time I spend a good 40 minutes washing my makeup brushes I find myself cursing the thought of buying more. Then I buy more. 

I am a huge fan of the Morphe 35 palettes and they’re a staple in my freelance kit. Oddly, I’d never tried any of the brushes despite the hype they get online. I always need extra blending brushes, I think it’s definitely a habit I cannot quit. I will blend you eyeshadow, I will!

After a quick google and YouTube binge, I made an order to my beloved Beauty Bay and less than 24hrs later my little haul had arrived.

Upon first thoughts, they feel incredibly soft and well made – amazing considering how low the price is. Most of the brushes I purchased are made from goat hair and one is synthetic but honestly, I can’t feel much difference on touch.

The first brush that went into my basket was the M510 – Pro Round Blender (£8), which is probably the most popular choice of brush. Though it’s essentially an eye brush, it’s most commonly used for packing on that glow. I cannot wait to use this and be as glowy as humanly possible. 

Another larger brush I picked was M511 – Large Round Blender (£6) – smaller than the M510 so I’ll be more likely to use this on the eyes. I think this is perfect for those blessed with larger eyes and lots of lid space.  


The only synthetic option I picked was the MB23 Round Blender (£5) which i feel is going to work beautifully at softly diffusing harsh edges. This has a duo-fibre type tip and kinda reminds me of a Real Techniques brush I have in my kit.

I adore the best selling MAC 217, so much that I have 3 at all times. The M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff Brush (£6) is extremely similar but has slightly longer bristles. If you want a bargain almost-dupe – I recommend this one.

Finally, I picked up the M574 Pencil Crease Brush (£5) which I think will work well at carving out the crease but also smoking out the lower lash line.

I’ll keep you guys updated with how I find the brushes and if I add anymore to my ever expanding collection in the future.

Do you have any Morphe brushes?

Love, K xo


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