The Happiness Jar


I was reading Stacey’s instagram post on her 2016 Happiness Jar at the beginning of January and it spurred me on to start my own for 2017. I’d like to say I’m a glass half full kind of person but I’m sadly not. I often find myself worrying and beating myself up about how things don’t seem to go to plan rather than seeing the positive.

For me, 2017 isn’t the typical ‘new year, new me‘ bullshit because usually if I decide I’m going to change something drastic, it’s unlikely to happen. I find trying to make small changes works better for me. That way it’s less overwhelming. Something simple like writing down one thing a day that makes me happy definitely feels more likely than not.

What’s a Happiness Jar?

Also known as a grateful jar, the idea is to write down one thing each day that makes you happy. Then at the end of the year you can reflect on all the positive moments you’ve experienced. It’s easy to reflect on each passing year and feel like nothing has changed.  Sadly, it’s equally as easy forget the little things that really matter. Optimism is key!

What can you put in your jar?

Everyone is different, so each jar will differ in terms of its content. I decided to start by adding little notes into my jar. Whether it’s experiencing moments of kindness, or an achievement like going to the gym 3 times in a week. Note these things down, pop them in and then continue doing so throughout the rest of the year. You can add little mementos from trips, gig tickets or perhaps little notes from loved ones which are great to reflect back on.

Do you have to buy an expensive, fancy jar?

No – you can pick up a cheap jar at your local supermarket for a few pounds. A lot of places do the cute kilner style jars for really affordable prices. I have a large biscuit jar from Matalan which cost £5 and is perfect for this. I have seen lots of jars where they have been thoroughly ‘interested’ so it is entirely up to you how you design your jar.

Can you read your contents before the year end?

Your jar, your rules. It’s probably worth picking a few notes out of your jar on days when you feel a little down and out. If you have the stamina, I say go the whole year before reading them.


I started in January and it’s lovely to see my jar fill up and I hope to reflect back at the end the year on a positive note.

Have you ever completed a Happiness Jar?

Love, Kate xo


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