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In March this year, at the grand old age of 28…I finally moved out of home. There are many reasons this happened later in life than I had intended. I’ve been itching to move out for the past few years now but it never seemed the right time. All my friends were getting married or living with their partners and I couldn’t think of anything worse. I love my own space. For me, the only option was to live on my own, which sadly means all the bills are directed to me. 

Let’s start at the beginning 

Way back in December of 2016, the wheels were set in motion and operation homeware commenced. I’ve never bought things for my ‘bottom drawer’ and I literally had to start from scratch. Thus my love of all things TKMaxx & Home Sense was born. Due to their level of discount and high turn over of stock, if you see something you like – get it. It will not be in the store tomorrow. I’ve been known to visit the nearest 3/4 stores in my area on a weekly basis – if that isn’t commitment, I don’t know what is. 

My bedroom at my Mum’s became jam-packed with every household item you can imagine. The space under my bed was overflowing, my wardrobe was deemed a no-go zone and I even had dining chairs stacked up. This went on for almost 4 months before I moved out.

I was extremely fortunate that my best friend’s parents had a flat coming available in our area. A small but perfectly formed one bedroomed flat that met all my needs. I wanted to be in my town first and foremost, I am a complete and utter homebody and I needed to be close to my Mum. Thankfully, I’m renting from two people that I know will make sure I’m looked after, with regards to the flat and I’ve even had a little gallery wall installed. 



I slowly moved in over the course of 2 weeks, constantly changing the layout of each room until I eventually put up my bed and officially moved in. Let me say, nothing prepares you for the first night away from home. Even when you’re 28. I felt as if my bed was in a hotel and it took me a good 4+ hours to finally nod off. There’s something about being in your own bed but in a completely different environment that will play havoc with your sleeping patterns.

Strangely, from the second night onwards I’ve slept really well. I put that down to moving out being worthwhile for my mental health. It feels as though a weight has been lifted and I can move forward with my life. Deep, I know.


I’m not the most trendy person but I’m very specific with what I like, especially when it comes to interior. 

I knew I wanted grey to be my main colour and I’m obsessed with metallic. I kept getting told this colour scheme would be too cold looking and to add a pop of colour here and there. Being the headstrong woman I am, I was adamant that no colour would be added. 

Then I moved in and it did feel cold and I ended up getting a few throws, frames and faux flowers to add a little hint of colour to the flat. In the end, I was so glad I did because it feels fresher. 

For the first two months, I didn’t have a sofa which I found really difficult. When you come home from work and want to sit down and unwind, it’s so hard to do that without a sofa. I ended up borrowing my friends daughter’s love seat which helped a lot. I spent so much time deciding on the kind of sofa I wanted and changed my mind about a million times. I now have a lovely grey one from DFS that is the comfiest, most nap worthy sofa ever.

I’m awaiting my dining table arriving at present and I’ve still got bits and pieces I need to buy and decide on but other than that, I’m in and I’m settled. I am so content living on my own, it’s such a shame I didn’t do it earlier! 



One thing I can definitely confirm is that I do the minimal amount of cooking necessary and I live off the same food non-stop. I’m not going to say I’ve become a connoisseur of all things cooking because I certainly haven’t.

My favourite part about living on my own is definitely that I only have to tidy up after myself! I love that I can keep it super tidy and that pleases me more than I care to admit. 

Would you like to see more home posts?

Love, K xo


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