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Finding new and innovative beauty products and brands is continually exciting, especially when it comes to affordability. If you haven’t heard of Beauty Pie, then you’ll have possibly been living under a rock. Fear not, I have you covered. Have you ever wondered why many beauty products are so expensive? It’s no secret everyone loves a bargain. Whether you’ve nabbed yourself a discount code or you’ve found products on sale. Sadly, our purses often feel the pinch after payday spending on our favourite high end products. I often wonder if there’s some crazy secret ingredient in a lot products. Did you know many brands share the same factories and ingredients? It is crazy to think that many of our favourite high end brands are made in the same place as more affordable ones. I for one find that pretty mind blowing considering the often extreme contrast in price. Sometimes you can find an almost spot on dupe for lipsticks or eyeshadow palettes – it’s not a coincidence.


Who and what is “Beauty Pie”?

From the woman who envisioned cult body care brand, Soap & Glory comes an exciting and affordable new makeup line. Everything looks luxe and high quality, but wait… there’s two prices for each item! It’s easy to scratch your head with this – believe me, I certainly did. This is a membership based brand not unlike beauty boxes but it gives you products for the price it costs to make them. It seems totally bonkers but there’s a reason for this.

The idea behind this new launch is transparency. In the beauty industry, you’ll find many products are ‘marked up’ which means the company bulks up the price to ensure they’re covered when it comes to distributing to third party retailers, packaging, training staff and more.

With Beauty Pie, they have a retail price and a factory price – so you can purchase with or without the monthly membership.

What does the membership entail?

For £10 per month (other more long term deals are available) you get a shopping allowance of £100 which deducts each time you add a product to your shopping bag. You can cancel your membership at any time which makes it super flexible. When I signed up as a new member I actually got a £150 allowance.

Obviously, if the allowance was deducted at the factory cost of the products then Beauty Pie would go out of business right away. The only ‘catch’ is that you can only really order a certain amount of products each month. I ordered 6 products and still had £16 left which rolls over to the next month.

Even if you decide you don’t want to buy anything one month, the allowance rolls over to the next month. This gives you more to spend when it’s convenient for you.

The only downside is the postage and packaging which can get quite expensive. However, that being said the brand wouldn’t make any money if postage was free, therefore they have to be able to keep the factory prices transparent but also cover the costs of physically shipping the items.

So, now the ins and outs have been covered, are the products even good?

I ordered a few face and lip products to get my Beauty Pie journey started and I spent quite a bit of time looking through the makeup to see what caught my eye. I’m a bit of a foundation and lipstick addict so naturally they were my first point of call.

I actually needed a new primer, so the Bio-Infusion Breathable Primer went straight in my shopping basket. It retails for £24 but the factory cost is just £3.11. This comes in a squeeze tube and you get 30ml of product. It is a lightweight, transparent and almost lotion like in consistency. I found this sunk into my skin quickly and wasn’t at all greasy.


Beauty Pie currently have two bases for sale, I went for the Everyday Great Skin Foundation (£30/£5.06). This is a luminous matte finish with skin-perfecting pigments for a flawless finish. I found this blended really well. The first time I used this foundation, I used a buffing brush which is usually a good indicator if i’ll get a streaky finish as I find a lot of foundations work better with a sponge. I’ve tried this with a sponge and it works just as well.

I was worried the colour would be a little yellow for me but it seemed to work nicely and I found it perfected my skin without looking overly done and cakey. It wore well on my skin, with only small areas wearing off around my chin and nose. I’m going to keep trying this to see if I can get longer wear as my skin’s pretty crazy at the moment.


Next I chose the Quantum Bronzer (£26/£3) which I was surprised to find had a duo chrome feel in the pan and was extremely pigmented. I swatched the bronzer but had to check I’d not accidentally ordered a highlighter as it was SO shimmery!  The fear is real. Thankfully, the duo chrome vibe is an overspray and disappears pretty quickly. Once I’d got over the fear, I found the bronzer to be really lovely on the skin, albeit a little dark for me. I’ll definitely be picking this up when I’ve got more of a tan.

I’d heard amazing things about their lip products so I decided to pick up a liner, lipstick and gloss. Naturally, I need more nude lipsticks after all this is 2017 and the more the merrier right? I decided on the Future Lipstick in Cowboy Nude (£20/£2.24) which is a matte finish. It was a little darker than anticipated but a gorgeous shade nonetheless. The formula is matte without being drying and is more of a velvety finish which is lovely to wear. It glides on the lips nicely and is immediately super opaque.


To go with the lipstick, I got the Moisture-Lock Wondergel Lip Liner in Foxy (£15/£1.47) which is amazing! This applies smooth and pigmented without feathering and the colour was a great match for the lipstick. What is amazing is that it literally doesn’t budge which makes it a night-out essential in my eyes.

Usually, I’m not a gloss wearer due to having long hair and preferring longevity in my lip products. That being said I absolutely love their Superglazy Lip Gloss in (£19/£2.16) which makes my lips look enormous. Granted I have fillers, but this adds extra dimension and looks fantastic layered with the lipstick. It’s non-sticky and incredibly moisturising on the lips which is a massive plus in my eyes.


I am really impressed with 99.9% of the products and I’d happily pay the retail price which makes this brand all the more of a steal. I have been eyeing up more of their products – if and when I buy do you guys want to see another review style post?

What are your thoughts on this type of brand?

Love, K xo


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