Change You may have noticed a bit of blogging radio silence over the last few months. I’d grown disenchanted with Sugarfixx Beauty and I felt lost in the blogging world. I wasn’t happy with my content, I had no energy or drive to produce posts and I was sure I wouldn’t be coming back. I’ve reflected these past 2+ months and along with my constant battle with anxiety, I just couldn’t face trying to write. I’d gotten past the point of being a perfectionist – it was a matter of not enjoying it at all. Nothing worked, I had no drive and I didn’t want to post anything. Maybe it’s a mix of feeling left behind or the need to evolve but I’d been thinking about how much I used to love blogging, the friends I made and the brands I worked with. I felt I’d let everyone down but most importantly I’d let myself down. My hobbies became a daily avoidance and my anxiety truly took over. Some days getting out of bed was struggle enough, other days I wanted to kick my own ass. So, after debating with myself I realised I needed to at least try. I knew to do that I wanted to completely revamp and evolve my blog. 2017 will be a year of complete change for me personally, I’m moving out of home (finally at 28 it was needed) and finding myself on my own. With that being said, keep an eye out for the soon to be relaunched blog – Oh So Kate. I will still be posting about beauty but also other interests. I wanted the blog to be more generalise rather than a mismatch of name and content. I hope 2017 is wonderful for everyone who reads my blog and I look forward to coming back soon. Love, Kate xo

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