Korres #TheOvernightProject

When the new Korres Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Faciallanded on my doorstep, I was excited to see if it really made a difference in one application. I was challenged to the #TheOvernightProject whereby I’d try the product just once and give my thoughts the next day. That’s a pretty big risk for a company but considering Korres made $1.5m within the first few months of release, one I suspected to be worth it. Firstly, let me say I haven’t tried much from Korres, particularly not from their skincare line but I immediately enjoyed the scent of this product. I’m not massively into Rose scented products but this smells heavenly! Korres-wild-Rose-advanced-repair-sleeping-mask Korres-wild-Rose-advanced-repair-sleeping-mask-review Korres-wild-Rose The product is housed in a deep red glass jar with a pharmaceutical white lid which makes it easy to overlook. It’s not as eye catching as many other skincare brands but I’ve been using this nightly for the past two weeks. Korres-sleeping-mask The product is neither just a mask nor a night cream but somewhat of a combination of both. The formula is soft and creamy, neither to thick nor runny which makes for a lovely application. Only a small amount is needed as the product spreads well across the face. It sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave any tacky residue. My skin can be quite sensitive and I was concerned that the scent would irritate my skin but thankfully that’s not the case. This is infused with Wild Rose Oil which helps give the skin a smooth and soft feel whilst Vitamin C is an antioxidant which aids repair and rejuvenates elasticity. I love products with Hyaluronic Acid as it plumps and firms the skin and it’s naturally occurring in the human body but sadly, reduces as we age. I found that after I first used the product, I woke to find my skin softer, firmer and overall more even. I was really impressed with how quickly this product worked to improve my skin and I decided to continue using it on a nightly basis. Thankfully, the product is suitable for everyday use. The more I use the cream, the nicer my skin looks! I would definitely recommend it for an overnight fix before an event or if you are wanting to use regularly to correct major skin concerns. Have you tried this? If not, I challenge you to partake in #TheOvernightProject! Korres Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial retails at £26 for a 40ml tub and is available at Debenhams. Love, Kate xo

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