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I’m quite simple when it comes to my jewellery – the only things I always wear are 3 rings – one of which is my Grandma’s eternity ring which I treasure above all else. It’s 4 sizes too big but I can’t bare to have it resized despite wearing it for almost two years. As I’ve matured, I have found that I prefer sophisticated, stylish pieces rather than anything too flashy. I’ve pretty much grown out of wearing statement necklaces as well which considering I have a box full of them is quite remarkable.
One thing I felt I was lacking was a cuff bracelet, something dainty and eye catching at the same time. Links of London has been on my radar for the longest time but I’d never settled on anything in particular.
I absolutely fell in love with the Amulet Sterling Silver Charm Cuff* as it’s a sleek and simple design but has the option of adding charms for a unique and personalised look. I love that this is customisable but isn’t your run of the mill charm bracelet.
To make the cuff personal to me, I picked out two differing coloured charms. I love mixing and matching materials especially when it comes to silver with different golds. I decided on the Amulet 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Feather Charm* as I love rose gold but also as I was drawn to the feather for its  delicacy. The feather resonates with me as I find them very spiritual and they remind me of people who have passed, angels in fact. I had a spiritual reading and it was implied that my Grandad leaves me feathers. I picked the 18kt Gold Heartas they also resonate with me, in fact I’ve got a few tattooed on my wrist. I thought it tied in nicely with the feather and the contrasting golds added to the overall feel of the cuff.
I absolutely love this cuff and the charm combination I chose. I love that I can wear this casually as everyday jewellery but also for more formal occasions. Not only that but you can wear it with the ends of the cuff either way on your wrist which makes its even more unique.
If you spend £200 at Links you will receive a FREE Timeless Sterling Silver & Diamond Bracelet for a limited time only! 
Have you checked out Links of London?
Love, Kate xo

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