Treating yourself with Guerlain L’Or

Sometimes, as a woman the only way to truly unwind is to treat yourself. Whether it’s a cheeky chocolate bar, a glass of wine or even a little present to yourself. For me, I tend to do the latter.  I wouldn’t normally fork out £46 for a primer but I’d been eyeing up the Guerlain L’Or Primer* for quite some time and I caved in. I certainly felt my face deserved a 24-carat gold infused goodness.  guerlain-lor This ‘Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold‘ is a gel make-up base sprinkled with gorgeous real gold flakes.  guerlain-lor-primer Firstly – lets point out the obvious. This is a thing of beauty. The packaging and product itself are absolutely stunning and certainly scream luxury. Due to this – and the rather hefty price tag I have been using this sparingly for the past couple of weeks. The bottle is glass and that only adds to the luxe vibe – it feels (and is) expensive. The product itself goes a long way as one small pump covers my entire face. This is obviously great news! The consistency is rather wet but light and is gel based. The product sinks into the skin with complete ease and doesn’t require any blending. I apply on the centre of my face where I need more primer and work my way out. The gold flakes blend into the gel and skin with ease and don’t leave any sparkly residue. guerlain-primer-review One thing I noticed almost immediately is the firming effect this primer has. My skin feels tight and lifted – I can see this being a great primer for more mature skin. I’m 27 (almost 28) and I’m definitely more aware of the ageing of my skin as I head towards 30. The primer smooths over imperfections, particularly lines to give a more youthful appearance. The idea of this primer is to obviously prime the skin but mainly to add radiance. I’ve found this brightens my skin in a really natural, non-highlighted way. I really like how this looks on my skin as well as how it feels.  My foundation applies really nicely on top of this product, without looking caked or heavy. What’s great about this product is that it hydrates the skin beautifully and also smooths over imperfections, thus making my foundation apply much easier.  guerlain-lor-review Sure it’s a hefty price for a primer but I find this is more of a skincare/primer combo which is probably my way of justifying the price. If you can bare to part with almost £50 on a primer, I certainly recommend you give this Guerlain bottle of joy a go.  What’s your favourite primer? Love, Kate xo *This post is in conjunction with the Ocean Finance beauty haul campaign. 

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