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I’ve been wanting a new pair of sunglasses for a little while now and I must say, I was very excited to receive these Polariod 5051S Sunglasses* (£54) which are a gorgeous pink Havana and tortoiseshell wayfarer style.  The sunglasses come in a zip protective case embossed with the Polariod logo. The case is sturdy so I have faith the sunglasses will be protected fully. Onto the main event – the shades them self. I absolutely love these!  What drew me to them at first was the tortoiseshell frame but it’s the pink toned lens that made me fall in love. I love tortoiseshell and the wayfarer shape but I wanted a twist on the classic style and the pink does just that. What I also love is that the print is almost leopard in style too. The frame is extremely comfortable to wear and also a very flattering, feminine style. I’ve found the frame to be the perfect size for me as I do like a bigger frame – I think that’s why I have men’s Raybans.  The metal sides have a gorgeous contrasting gold chevron print, complete with Polariod logo before the ends come back to the tortoiseshell finish. I think this adds a lovely twist to the style of the sunglasses.  What should be noted is how wonderful the lenses are. When I wear them, it’s almost like looking through an Instagram filter – primary colours are more vivid and greens and browns more muted. This makes the sunglasses all the more special  for me. 
“Gradient lenses provide a flattering soft look over the eye. Violet lenses add more distinction. UV400 protective lenses”
I absolutely love these sunglasses and couldn’t praise Sunglasses Shop anymore. They have a wonderful range of discounted sunglasses with some fabulous brands for sale. What are your ultimate sunglasses? Love, Kate xo

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