Oway | After-Sun Hair & Body Bath 

The sun, sea and even a dip in the pool can be incredibly harsh on your hair when you’re enjoying some downtime abroad. Ensuring your hair isn’t fried is a must. Oway is an organic hair and body brand that I’d never heard of but I must say, their new Sun Way range really got me thinking. The range is aimed to provide the hair and body with anti-oxidants and nutrients that are essential in the summer months. The idea is that the products protect from structural damage and dehydration. I have been using the Oway After-Sun Hair & Body Bath* (£17.50) which is a 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash which rids chlorine, salt and other residues from the hair and body which can accumulate during the summer. It uses the following ingredients to do so:
Biodynamic Green Anise – Effective anti-aging active ingredient, it reduces the number of free radicals generated in the hair, caused by external agents. Fights skin oxidation and premature aging. Organic Baobab – Extracted from the seeds of this plant, thanks to the saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids improves the elasticity and strengthens the lipid layer of the skin. Ethically-produced Passion Fruit – This oil has a light texture that hydrates the hair, fighting dehydration.
I was a little skeptical that a product would clean my hair efficiently and work well as a body wash. I was pleasantly surprised and I have really enjoyed using this for both as it softly cleanses my hair without stripping and it foams up nicely enough to leave me feeling squeaky clean all over. The scent is lovely too – a mix of fennel, bergamot, lemon and both sweet and mandarin orange. It’s an uplifting, fruity scent that I really like. I’m definitely up for trying other products from Oway as this felt really luxurious but for a reasonable price not to mention well packaged. Have you tried anything from Oway? Love, Kate xo

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