Current Non-Beauty Obsessions

I don’t often compile a list non-beauty goodness but I’ve realised I should spread the love beyond just my love of beauty. So, I thought I’d give you guys a run down of my current ‘obsessions’ so to speak. I have quite an addictive personality and I often intensely get into things one week and the next it’s something entirely different. Is anyone else like that?   greys-anatomy TV | Basically…Grey’s Anatomy – all day everyday I’ve followed GA since the beginning, back when Mer was the other woman and Izzie was my favourite character. I watched religiously even after Mark and Lexie (sobs) left but then other shows seemed to get in the way. The same thing happened with Bones! As the fall seasons come to an end and I have little to watch, I usually find myself binging on shows I’ve never seen before but I decided enough was enough. I needed Grey’s back in my life and I picked up halfway through Season 10 the other week and now I’m ready for Season 13 to start later this year. When I knew Derek had left (I can say died right? It’s been a year guys!) I wasn’t sure how the show would do without him but low and behold, it’s had one of the strongest seasons to date. Now I’m up to date – what now?!   ariana-grande-dangerous-woman Music | Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman  Ariana is one of my favourite singers – her vocal range is ridiculous. After I’d heard ‘Focus‘ I wasn’t sure how her latest album would sound but I’m kinda glad it ended up as more of a promo single and not on the album. I have been listening to ‘Dangerous Woman’ nonstop for the past 2/3 weeks and I am seriously loving it. It’s grown up pop at its finest. 
Tracks to listen to : ‘Into You‘, ‘Greedy‘, ‘Bad Decisions‘, ‘Leave Me Lonely‘,  ‘Side to Side‘, ‘Sometimes‘ and ‘Dangerous Woman‘ 
kettlebells Life | Exercise…like actual exercise  Since February, I’ve been aiming to jump aboard the workout train. It started with attending a Kettlebells class once a week and more recently, I’ve incorporated Spartan Circuits as well as trying to do some at home workouts. At times I’ve felt like I’m absolutely rubbish at it but I’ve seen myself improve week after week. I’ve moved up to higher weights and even though I’ve felt like I was going back to square one, it’s worth it because I’m pushing myself. I much prefer a HIIT workout with weights as its really changing the shape of my body. I don’t weigh myself because I find it demotivates me so I’m going by how I feel and how my clothes fit.  healthy-wrap Food | Healthy Wraps I started the year well, I restricted my calorie intake and I cut out the bad food but somewhere along the way I dropped the ball and I’ve been feeling more and more sluggish and upset that I don’t feel like my weight is coming down. After a girls trip to Marbella in April, I’ve really been trying to make healthier choices. I’m not on a diet because I know I won’t stick to it so instead I’m trying to eat cleaner and greener. My current favourite lunch (or dinner) is taking either a whole meal pita or a wrap and filling it with lots of goodness. I usually pop a load of rocket inside and layer with either roasted veg, quinoa or cous cous and add steak or grilled chicken and peppers before sprinkling with some feta cheese. It tastes so delicious and I know I’m putting good things in my body. I find it’s a great alternative to making fajitas with a fatty sauce and piling on the sour cream and guacamole. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still a sucker for pizza and chips but I’m trying.  Mind | Putting my CBT to practise I started CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) in December and recently finished my course at the end of May. Over the past few months I’ve really noticed a change in my mood and in my thinking. I know it’s a long road getting into good habits and pushing myself to experience the unknown but I know I have to stick at it. I think exercising has helped me get into a better headspace but now I have to work on staying there and not slipping back into an anxiety riddled mess.  So what have you been loving recently?  Love, Kate xo

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