The skincare brand Victoria Beckham swears by… Lancer Skincare

Lancer Skincare is a relatively new brand to me though Dr Harold Lancer is an extremely respected and well known dermatologist in Beverly Hills. He counts  Victoria Beckham amongst his most famous clients and if it’s good enough for VB herself, then I’m all for it! I was kindly sent The Method Travel Kit* (£105) to delve into the brand and it includes a generous amount of products in great travel appropriate sizes. What’s great is that you get to try 4 of the products without having to buy everything in one go. Skincare is very personal and it’s always good to try before you buy full sized products. lancer-skincare-program Let’s get down to the nitty gritty – this is a 3-step skincare system with an additional eye cream and each step is clearly marked. Starting with Polish, a super abrasive exfoliator that truly buffs away any dead skin cells. I would recommend ensuring your face is damp or add a tiny amount of water to soften the product as it is a little on the rough side. Step 2 is Cleanse which comes in a generous 60ml tube (the full size is double the amount for £48) and I personally would use this first but I guess if you’re leaning towards night time use you can do it the suggested way round. This smells nicely zesty and fresh and foams up beautifully, leaving my skin super clean and soft. lancer-skincare-travel-setlancer-skincare-the-method The final step is Nourish which is essentially the moisturiser part and the tub is 15ml but the product is so rich you only need a tiny bit to cover your face. It sinks in wonderfully and really adds moisture and gives my skin a smoother look. Finally there is a handy 5ml tube of the Eye Contour Lifting Cream which is very nourishing on the eyes without being heavy – I can really feel this doing its work. With each product costing between £49-£105 for a full size, this travel friendly set is great value for money. It is expensive but I do feel money should be invested in skincare as you only have one face. I’m very impressed with the quality of these products as they do genuinely give you that professionally pampered feel. Are they essential? No. If you’re a skincare addict and love trying the latest releases, I would highly recommend you give Lancer a whirl. That being said – there is FREE Next Day Delivery when you purchase online! Have you tried anything from Lancer? Love, Kate xo * PR Sample 

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