Affordable Haircare Saviours

When I think of haircare, I usually think of the more luxurious, pricier products than the aisles of Boots. However, despite my love for Bumble and bumble I have been using some more affordable options of late and really been enjoying them. lee-stafford Lee Stafford is a brand that I’ve dabbled with here and there over the years but there’s two products in my rotation that have left a lasting impression. The Coco Loco Coconut Spritz (£5.99) is a post-wash favourite as it targets the ends of my hair. The spray is infused with coconut oil which as we all know by now, is an all round amazing product for skin and hair. I spray this evenly throughout the mid to end lengths of my hair before combing. My hair tends to get quite knotty and this helps my brush glide right through. I’ve found my hair is smoother, softer and much healthier. If I don’t use this, I notice a difference in the texture of my hair, it feels more brittle and frizzy. The second Lee Stafford product I am really enjoying is the Bleach Blondes Shampoo (£6.99) which is a purple shampoo to banish brassy tones and keep blonde hair looking fresh. I use this probably every other wash and it works quickly to tone my hair and keep it true to colour. I went from dark brown to blonde over the course of a year and I’m so glad I’ve gone back to my roots. If I use this a little too often, my hair gets a slight pastel sheen which I actually don’t mind. mark-hill-review If you read my 2015 favourites post, you’l know I love the L’Oreal #TXT Volume Spray (£2.79) as it gives amazing volume and doesn’t build up too much in the hair either. Finally, to finish everything off I’ve been using the Mark Hill Taming Anti-Humidity Spray (£5.99) to keep everything in check because as we all know there’s nothing worse than perfecting your hair to find it goes static/flyaway the moment the weather changes. I love this for keeping everything from going crazy. What are your go-to affordable hair products? Love, Kate xo

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