Hollywood Lashes with Q61 Leeds

A few weeks back I was kindly invited to Q61 Leeds, a relatively new beauty spot in the heart of Leeds city centre. The salon opened in November 2015 and it’s aim is to provide the best customer service with a convenient location and easy online booking. Q61 has a wide range of services from nails to brows to massage and more. I was overwhelmed by the volume of services they provide. I chose to have the Hollywood Lashes Express* (£40) which I’d never had before but felt, as a false lash lover I was missing some semi-permanent action. I think the prices are extremely competitive and considering the convenience of the location, you can’t really go wrong. I arrived approximately 10 minutes prior to my appointment at 6pm (after purchasing a few goodies at Harvey Nichols) and was warmly greeted and offered a drink before being taken upstairs. I was booked in with Emily who I knew instantly, I really liked. She was warm, friendly and funny which made the experience all the more enjoyable. It’s always nice when someone makes you feel comfortable especially when you’re having a treatment done that you haven’t experienced before. Emily talked me through the lashes, asking me what type of look I preferred and to let her know if I needed any additional lashes once she’d finished. The entire treatment took approximately 30 minutes but felt like 10 minutes because I was so comfortable, chatting away that I didn’t notice time going by. I think that’s really important when you’re a busy girl like myself. Firstly, my bottom lashes were taped down with vaseline to protect my skin. This is to stop the bottom lashes messing with the new lashes on the top line. This wasn’t uncomfortable nor did it hurt when the tape was removed afterwards. Emily gave me a feline eye, much like the lashes I’d come in with (Fleur De Force for Eylure ‘Fleur Loves’) which gave me lots of volume and a mix of medium to full lashes towards the outside of my eyes. lashes I absolutely loved the lashes and I couldn’t believe how realistic and natural they looked. I was a little overly cautious with them as I was worried they’d fall out but I avoided oil based products for make up removal and they managed to last a good 3 weeks before I needed to go back to my faithful falsies. I really liked the low-maintenance feel of the lashes and how I could simply roll out of bed without having to worry about them but I definitely think they’re best suited to special occasions and I’ve already booked in to have them done before I go to Marbella next month. The salon itself had a lovely, warm and trendy environment and whilst I was in the treatment room, I actually forgot I was in Leeds city centre because there was no outside noise to be heard. I found that was what made the building really special – that you can just close your eyes and be somewhere else. I’d definitely suggest a girls day out shopping followed by a pamper and as you can book online, there’s really nothing stopping you indulging. Have you tried Q61? Love, Kate xo *Salon imagery courtesy of Q61Studio.co.uk*

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