Why getting a dog was the best decision ever

In April 2015, I became a proud owner of a chocolate brown Cocker Spaniel puppy called Olivia Pope. You may have been bombarded with photos of her on social media and she totally has her own Instagram. I’ll openly admit, I’d been a cat person because I’ve had cats for years but I’d grown up around dogs so whilst I was well adjusted to them, never had one of my own. My Mum retired in the summer of 2014 and having a dog always came up in conversation but it wasn’t until we were in Australia that we decided a dog was certainly missing from the household. What was initially difficult was deciding on a breed – we considered a Jack Russell, I wanted a French Bulldog or a Miniature Dachshund and my brother wanted a big dog. After much debate, a Cocker Spaniel seemed the best fit – active, playful and in need of long walks. Funnily enough, her name was always going to be her name. After all, one of the sugarfixxbeauty fam’s favourite TV shows is Scandal and Olivia Pope is the Queen. If you don’t watch Scandal, I suggest you rectify this immediately – but after dog chat has finished. It wasn’t until March that we began making movement on the dog front and after visits to different breeders, we settled on a puppy from a family that had the Mother and Grandmother in the house and they, along with the puppies were looked after incredibly well and we knew it was the right fit. We had been to a farm near the coast but it just felt too formal and the mother was filthy and to be honest, the owners were more interested in money than the welfare of the puppies. cocker-spaniel Olivia was approximately 8 weeks or so when she came home with us some 3 weeks after our initial visit and our lives have been turned upside down and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You may have read previously that I returned from a month long trip to Australia in December 2014 and a few days after, my Grandma had a huge stroke and sadly passed away a month later. I felt a complete void in my life after she died and I wasn’t sure how to fill it – in fact some days I wonder if I ever will. One thing that has eased my pain is Olivia, she’s the best thing that ever happened to my family – as crazy as that sounds. I’ve found having a puppy, is like having a baby and she is so dependant on us to look after her and having this responsibility has eased my grief tremendously. olivia2 Olivia turned 1 last week and she’s grown so much since her little photoshoot and she’s a big ball of fluff who has the most sassy, silly personality that warms my heart and makes me laugh. Whilst she can be an absolute nightmare – chewing everything and barking because she’s put one of her million tennis balls under the sofa, again – she’s my baby and I don’t know what I’d do without her. spaniel If you’re thinking of getting a dog, I would definitely say you need to be fully committed, with time to give them exercise and realise that you won’t get any work done on the laptop if you’re sat near them. I really want a miniature Dachshund but I think the house is over run with animals so I think that’s a dream that will have to live on. Do you have a dog? Love, Kate xo

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