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I recently wrote my first movie review, something I found equal parts daunting and exciting. I’m a huge movie buff and that spurred me on to start featuring more entertainment based posts on my blog. I’d love feedback on whether or not this is a good feature – so please comment below if this is something you wish to see or not. Today I’m chatting all things Creed which I watched the other night and thought was absolutely flawless. First things first, I don’t feel like you have to be overly familiar with the Rocky franchise as Creed is it’s own standalone movie despite Rocky Balboa being a main character. I personally have only seen clips of the Rocky movies and I can safely say I wasn’t confused or googling for answers to questions throughout. Obviously if you love the Rocky franchise, you’ll probably be slightly more invested and excited for the movie. The movie centres around Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan), the illegitimate son of former Rocky adversary and boxing heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed and his desire to become a professional boxer. What intrigued me to begin with was that this wasn’t a rags-to-riches set up – despite Adonis being in care homes and a juvenile detention centre as a child because he is taken in by his father’s widow, Mary-Anne Creed (Phylicia Rashad) and he is raised in a wealthy household and even finds himself in a well paid white collar job. However, despite this comfortable lifestyle – the lure of the fight is all too apparent as you see scenes of Adonis fighting in underground arenas in Mexico. This leads him to leave his life in Los Angeles behind and seek out his Father’s biggest adversary-turned-friend, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) in Philadelphia with the hopes that the former heavyweight champion will train him. I won’t go into too much detail about the storyline but I will say it’s a brilliant journey for both characters and at times I did find myself quite tearful. The chemistry between Stallone and Jordan is pure magic and for me, it’s that relationship and how it builds throughout is what really solidifies it as a stand out movie. Sylvester Stallone provides an incredible performance in a role that despite it being his most famous, he truly takes to the next level as an ageing Rocky Balboa. I found myself really relating to his character because sadly, you do tend to see these amazing people deteriorate as they age and as everyone around them passes away, become very isolated and alone. I think it would be absolutely wonderful to see him win an Oscar almost 40 years after his nomination for the first Rocky movie in 1977. Jesus, 1-9-7-7! That’s way before my time. G’wan Sly lad! Michael B. Jordan to his credit (and despite his lack of nominations) isn’t overshadowed by Stallone at all in this movie – he shows a great range and depth of character as he completely embodied Adonis both mentally and physically. His performance is, for me, his first real stand-out performance and I really do see big things for him – bigger than Fantastic Four though, so let’s brush past that one. The character of Adonis struggles with carving out his own boxing legacy and embracing his father’s without being in his shadow. This further emphasised by his lack of a father figure, something which Rocky naturally provides bringing out the fight and determination the character needs to grow. This movie could have so easily failed – it’s incredibly risky to continue and branch off from such an iconic franchise but thankfully, the risk has paid off. I’m interested to see how the Creed story continues but it’s definitely set-up to be a long-term one and that’s exciting. Have you seen Creed? Love, Kate xo

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