Why it’s ok for women to enjoy wrestling

Wrestling. WWF. WWE. I’ve watched wrestling since I was a kid, I’d spend hours watching my favourite WWE (then WWF) superstars and divas grapple in the famous squared circle and wishing I could be just like them. At one point, before my teen years, I began searching for wrestling schools in my area which my parents thought was absolutely hilarious. I wanted to be the next Lita or Trish Stratus because they were women I completely looked up to. They were fearless, exciting and strong not to mention, beautiful. I’d get really passionate when people called it fake. Sure, the outcome is pre-determined and the promos are all acting but what’s fake about carrying out manoeuvres and taking dangerous bumps? I’ll admit, I was a bit of a tomboy growing up – I always liked sports and wasn’t really interested in wearing dresses or make up. Shocker, I know. Boys knew me as the girl who they could chat to about Wrestlemania or whether The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin was ‘the man‘ (this is a debate that still rages on).  However, as I got older it became more apparent that enjoying WWE wasn’t the cool thing for girls to like and I certainly didn’t know any other girls who watched. I guess I let embarrassment and the need to fit in take over and eventually I stopped watching. In my defence, the ‘Attitude Era‘ was ending and you can’t recreate that stuff – even now I miss those days where they constantly pushed network boundaries. I did tend to keep up with the latest roster of talent but I hadn’t really watched it in a good 10 years. I love the E! network and I am a sucker for reality tv – we all have our burdens – so when I saw adverts for a new show called ‘Total Divas‘, featuring WWE’s very own female talent (known as Divas, which I absolutely hate) I immediately tuned in and was hooked right away. I loved seeing the inner workings of the industry I once adored, mixed with the bitchy drama and crazy shenanigans of working in such a demanding, male driven environment. I found myself searching for matches, just to see if the latest crop of women in Sports Entertainment were as good as Lita and Trish Stratus. and to my surprise, they really were. I quickly became a fan of The Bella Twins, Nattie, Paige and co. When Wrestlemania (the Superbowl of wrestling) came round on March 29th 2015, I felt the urge to tune in and decided that I was no longer embarrassed and y’know I bloody enjoyed it! From that day, I haven’t looked back. I tune into Raw and Smackdown every week, watch all the PPVs and I’m hooked on the developmental brand, NXT. Oh and I’m a proud WWE Network subscriber! In November, I went to my first ever live show in Leeds and I can’t describe how amazing it felt to finally go see it live considering I was around 10 when I first started watching. I chanted along with the other fans which included children and men and women of all ages. It’s funny as I’ve come across so many grown women who, just like me, absolutely love wrestling. I’ll openly admit – I’m a 27 year old woman and I love wrestling. I get really emotional when I see women like Sasha Banks and Bayley shattering glass ceilings because they’re the main event and putting on not just incredible womens matches, but incredible matches. I get excited when my favourite face (good guy) finally beats the heel (bad guy) for a championship. I love a good old-school return and I feel devastated when an amazing talent gets a nasty injury. So, yeah…I do love WWE and that’s the bottom line, coz erm’ Stone Cold said so! Love, Kate xo

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