Laser Hair Removal | Part 1

Ah yes, that awkward topic of conversation – body hair.
We all have it and I for one find it an absolute chore. Who’s with me? I must say I’m glad the winter months are on their way so I don’t have to get my razor out every 5 minutes. One thing I’d never really thought about was laser hair removal.
I have really irritating, course dark hairs on the insides of my legs that I absolutely loathe. No matter how often I shave them, the hairs are relentless. Thankfully, Transform* have come to my rescue and I’ve been having laser hair removal. I’ve had two sessions so far and I thought I’d write about my experience for those of you who may be interested in pursuing the treatment.
Firstly, I had a consultation to explain the entire process and to ensure I was fully educated on what to expect. Now, I will say that when I thought of laser hair removal it did scare me a little – would it hurt and does it really work? Naturally, the results vary from person to person based on the hair cycles, area of removal and pigmentation (the darker the hair, the better). Whilst the procedure is relatively pain free, you will feel a sensation I like to compare to the feeling you get when an elastic band smacks the skin but far less painful.
There’s a few types of removal – there is laser which is more focused and the heat is absorbed fully by the follicle thus preventing burns and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) which can also be used for many skin conditions such as rosacea and thread veins. I had laser removal, which is the more expensive but gives longer lasting results as it directly destroys the hair follicle.
I had a patch test 24 hours prior to my first treatment to see if I had any negative reaction and to make sure the laser is on the correct setting for me – this consisted of a small area of my leg (shaved) going under the laser. I had the laser work at a few different settings – I could barely feel it upon first try so the level was upped to a more intense setting. It’s pretty straightforward, the laser hooked up to a machine that can be altered throughout and there is a cooling function which works throughout. The aim is to complete 6 to 8 sessions, 6 weeks apart as the laser removes around 15-30% of your hair growth per session. Furthermore, the hair growth cycle fits into the 6 week period.
For my first session, I had to ensure the area was fully shaved to ensure the follicle is targeted fully and the laser doesn’t just burn off the hair. It’s a little awkward as I had to lie down with my legs akimbo but the session barely takes any time at all and I was made to feel completely at ease. I found that I could feel the laser more on the skin further towards my bikini line as that area is more sensitive but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Within 20 minutes, the treatment was done and I was able to go on my merry way. I was recommended not to have a hot shower or bath for around 24 hours after the procedure as the skin can be very sensitive and I was due to go on holiday a few weeks later so I needed to ensure I paid particular attention to the area with sun cream.
Over the next 6 weeks, I noticed a significant reduction in the hair and it certainly took longer to grow back. My results were extremely positive and I could tell things were heading in the right direction. I returned for my second treatment today and although it was a little more uncomfortable, I’m optimistic I will continue to have good results.
I will be updating you during the course of my treatment but so far, so good! If you have any questions, feel free to check out the Transform FAQ page.
Have you considered this type of hair removal?
Love, Kate xo
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