The Body Shop Virgin Mojito

The Body Shop has had a bit of a revival of late, with each new release bringing much welcomed excitement and the Virgin Mojito range certainly lives up to that hype.
During these warmer months, fresh and fruity is the way forward when it comes to body products and these lime and mint filled ones are definitely worth checking out!
Of the two products that I’ve tried, I think I like the Virgin Mojito Body Scrub* (£15.00) as I find it really invigorating whilst using it to buff off dead skin in the shower. It has the most gorgeous, zesty scent that reminds me of summer holidays in far away exotic places and that’s A-ok with me! In terms of exfoliation, I definitely find it works to keep my legs buffed but it’s not the most abrasive of scrubs but that’s not necessarily a bad thing especially for those with sensitive skin.
The Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet* (£8.00) does not fair as well as the scrub simply because the consistency really doesn’t agree with my skin. Now whilst I adore the scent and the cooling, soothing feeling this sorbet gives me, the product doesn’t sink into my skin well at all. It almost lays on top of the skin and I find it really hard to break down which is such a shame. I definitely think the Body Butter would be a better shout for me.
Have you tried this range?
Love, Kate xo
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