You might have seen some smeared lipstick selfies over the past few days and wondered what the heck was going on. Remember last years ‘No Make Up Selfie‘ for Breast Cancer? Well, right now there’s a huge campaign to raise money and more importantly awareness for Cervical Cancer.
Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust began 15 years ago and it was the vision of businessman James Maxwell who’s wife, Jo sadly passed away in 1999 from Cervical Cancer. She was just 40 years old. When Jo was diagnosed in 1995, she did not have the access to the information she needed about her disease. It was Jo’s wish for every woman to be able to communicate with other women in the same situation and have knowledge and awareness of Cervical Cancer.
For Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (26th January),  the #SmearForSmear campaign is hoping to go viral and help raise money and convince women that going for their smear test could infect, save their life.Women are taking to the most powerful tool out there – social media to share a smeared lipstick selfie and tag a friend to share their own #SmearForSmear selfie to spread the word about how important it is to book in for your smear test.
You can text ‘CCPW01 £3‘ to 70070 to donate now and support our work. Or donate online.
cervical-cancer-awareness-weekDid you know that Cervical Cancer is one of the only forms of cancer that can actually be prevented? 
At the age of 25, women across the country are invited to attend a cervical screening, more commonly known as a smear test to detect abnormalities (pre-cancer) in the cells of the cervix.
A 1/3 of women aged between 25-29 years old won’t take their smear test for many reasons – the most common being embarrassment and fear.
In December 2013, I was invited to attend a smear test and I immediately booked my appointment. I knew I’d feel a little embarrassed but I also knew that having the test was extremely important. The test lasts no more than a few minutes and your results are sent to you within 2-6 weeks. Luckily, my tests came back clear and I don’t need to have a screening for another 3 years.
However, that being said – I have experienced quite a lot of issues over the past 6 months or so with my ‘lady areas’ and this has been really challenging for me. What I will say is that despite the initial embarrassment, you really need to book your smear test if you’re 25 or over. I am so past the embarrassment now, I’ll whip it out for anyone (medically speaking) and I promise you it is not as bad as you’re thinking.
  • Remember an abnormal screening result rarely means cancer Between 90 and 94% of all screening results are negative.
  • Having regular cervical screening offers the best protection against developing cervical cancer Cervical screening is free and you should receive your invitation to attend for regular screening from your GP. (It is important that you let your GP know of any change of name or address).
  • Each year around five million women in the UK are called for cervical screening. Cervical screening saves 5000 lives.
  • If you are feeling anxious beforehand ask a member of your family or friend to accompany you.
  • Your GP or Practice nurse will be happy to talk through any anxieties that you have prior to your cervical screening appointment. – See more here.
I cannot stress how important it is to have a smear test every 3 years – we need to keep ourselves as in charge as we can be!I will hopefully be following up todays post with a video on my channel – sadly there’s some carpet fitting going on today so I couldn’t film. Have you had your smear?
Love, Kate xo
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