TRAVEL | A month in Australia

I can’t begin to get my head around the fact I left Australia almost three weeks ago after a month long trip. Looking back at these photos breaks my heart because I had such a lovely time and I’d very much like to go back.
 First stop after a two day stay over in Dubai, was Perth in Western Australia which is the most isolated city in the world because it’s so far from the rest of the cities in the country. Perth was a very exciting time for my Mum and I because we got to see family friends that emirgrated 20 years ago and see the amazing life they’ve built for themselves.
We visited the famous, Rottnest Island where there are the cutest little marsupials called Quokkas who inhabit the island. The island was named Rottnest after an explorer called Willem de Vlamingh mistook the Quokkas for large rats!
Another sight seeing visit was to the port at Fremantle where we took a visit round the now closed prison which I found surprisingly interesting and majorly creepy! The term “Ten Pound Poms” came from the British migrating to Australia post Second World War and Fremantle was a port that many arrived to.
After visiting Perth we flew to Cairns and stayed in a place called Port Douglas for almost two weeks. This is situated in Queensland state which is North East of the country. The area was very quiet and we basically spent the whole time on the beach apart from a trip to see the Koalas and the Great Barrier Reef.
Now, I’m massively afraid of the sea – I have such an irrational fear of sharks that I can barely dip my toe in. Thankfully, Queensland has a problem with jellyfish and the coast has “Stinger Nets” which allow you to swim in the ocean, risk free. I actually enjoyed having a little swim out in the water, it was warm and relaxing but y’know once I got over the icky seaweed!
The final stop on our little tour of Australia was to Sydney, New South Wales which was extremely exciting! More so when I was told that Sephora was opening during my stay. Of course, it was raided and I left with a much lighter purse than when I went in. I actually filmed a haul but the quality of the video wasn’t great so I’ve scrapped that idea and I’m going to film an Everyday Winter Make Up look and include my new goodies. Deal?
We took the ferry twice to Manly and ate some amazing meals out during our stay in Sydney. I thoroughly recommend Hugos in Manly, The Winery in Surry Hills and Mex & Co in Manly. Bare food was demolished! Despite the amazing food and shopping, it was the beaches that I absolutely adored in Sydney. Both Bondi and Manly have the most amazing waves that smack you right in the face and feel so refreshing! Who’d have thought I’d turn into a water baby?!
I had the most amazing trip and I absolutely want to go back again! It won’t be for a while as I’m hoping to go to New York again next year and I’m also off on a hen do abroad.
I’d say I hope you enjoyed looking through my photos but alas I know it will be depressing!
Love, Kate xo
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