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Ah, yes. Today I am jetting off on the trip of a lifetime!
If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll be sick of me rabbiting on about going to Dubai and Australia. Well, today is in fact the day and I’ve been bouncing off the walls like a hyper Jack Russell for the best part of a week.
I’ve scheduled as many posts as I could and I’m hoping I can get some more holiday featured posts written whilst I’m out there. Sadly, I haven’t had chance to get any videos scheduled and thats’s really irked me because I wanted to have lots of videos going up whilst I was away. Hopefully, I’ll get back on the YouTube grind soon! I’m going to try and get some footage for a vlog – fingers crossed.
Well, I’d better hurry up as I’ve got last minute things to be sorting! Expect a lot of photos and instagrams of my trip…I apologise.
Goodbye for now, unless I meet a hot Aussie and never return.
A girl can wish!
Love, Kate xo
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