If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll probably know that I’m a huge Bumble and Bumble fan. Not only that but I’ve been experiencing a lot of hair loss and damage in recent months due to a mix of over-dying my hair pink and medication. I wear clip-in hair extensions on a daily basis because I am so unhappy with the current state of my hair.
I try to use as little heat as possible on my hair and try to stretch my washes to once every 2 days to avoid using heat. When I’ve washed my hair, I add a fair few products in pre-drying to try and repair any damage and add health back into my locks. I’ve found that this heat/UV primer has worked wonders in my hair ever since I picked up a little travel sized kit a few months back, so much so that I happily purchased the full sized bottle last month.
What instantly drew me to this product was that it not only included Bumble’s amazing Hairdressers Oil but it protected against heat and more importantly those pesky UV rays. The sun dries out the hair massively, especially when you’re in hot climates just like I will be all next month. This is the first product I thought of putting in my beauty stash for the month.
It’s great at de-tangling and adding protection and condition back into the hair. It feels much more manageable and softer after I’ve sprayed this all over. I’ve also found that I’ve had less flyways and far less breakage than usual. Can’t complain at that. 
It’s just a really great, reliable product that I reach for not just every time I’ve washed my hair but prior to styling too.
Safe to say this product is going to be staying in my hair rotation for a long, long time.
Do you use heat protectant, if so which is your favourite?
Love, Kate xo
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