When it comes to Shampoo and Conditioner, I’m never loyal. The relationship is never monogamous and after using one brand, I’ll jump onto the next. Shampoo slut!
I use whatever is in the bathroom or on offer, I’ll openly admit that.
So, for now – I am using the Garnier Ultimate Blends The Nourishing Repairer duo. I bought this combo as it was on offer but also because the ingredients caught my eye.
My hair is probably in it’s worst condition at the moment and I’m wearing clip-in extensions on a daily basis. I’ve been taking painkillers for the past few months and along with a hefty dose of stress, it has taken it’s toll on my barnet.
When went back ombre from being pink, my hair really started to get it’s mojo back but at the moment it’s falling out quite significantly and it’s in a poor condition. Due to this, I can use all the help I can get so when a shampoo and conditioner is targeted to very dry, damaged hair – I’m all over it.
I love the combination of shea butter and avocado oil, as I find it very beneficial to my hair. It adds shine, de-frizzes and generally improves the look and feel of each strand. In my eyes you can’t go wrong with a bit of shea butter and avocado.
The one thing I’d look out for, is the hair can go a lil’ on the greasy side if you overload the amount of shampoo and conditioner that you use. Other than that, it’s a really lovely offering from Garnier!
Have you tried any of the new Ultimate Blends range?
Love, Kate xo
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