Well well, the time has come for my first foray into vlogging!
I’ve been recording YouTube videos for 2 years now, which is pretty mental really. I’d have started a year prior if I wasn’t so nervous and embarrassed that I’d recorded and uploaded a secret video.
If you go back to my first ever video – you’ll see it’s poor quality, poor lighting and generally appalling. I’d like to think I’ve improved since taking the plunge!
So, it seemed only appropriate that I test the waters and attempt to vlog. I’ll start by saying, vlogging is a whole different ball game entirely. You’re literally in public, talking to a camera like a looney toon. Awkwardness aside, I rather enjoyed filming despite completely forgetting to film absolutely loads of my trip to London. Sods law hey!
I hope you enjoy this vlog, it’s not my greatest work nor was it filmed on a decent camera.
I’d love to know your feedback – should I make it a regular thang?
Love, Kate xo
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