Firstly, before I begin I’d like to say a huge thank you for the overwhelming response to my initial weight post. I couldn’t have imagined I’d receive such positive, amazing feedback both online and in everyday life. It was so refreshing to find that a lot of us ladies feel the same way and the support I’ve received has been so so touching.
As I mentioned in the original post, I joined slimming world 2 weeks ago and I’ve restarted excercising this month in a bid to shift some serious lbs and get my confidence back. I’ve cut out the bad things – chocolate, crisps, pizza, chips – you know the stuff that tastes so darn good but leaves you feeling bloated and ashamed. Why do all the yummiest things have to be so calorific? I honestly do envy people who can eat whatever the hell they want!
  I went for my first weigh-in last Tuesday and I’d lost 3 lb – I was hoping for more but a loss is a loss. I’ve increased my fruit and veg in take and at times I’ve felt like I’d turn into a fruit because I’ve scoffed so much. I went again tonight and gained 1/2 lb. I was horrified because I genuinely felt like I’d lost because my triple chin had become a double chin. I’m measuring inches on Thursday and I’ve scheduled this (with a spreadsheet) to monitor how I’m doing that way. I hope on Thursday I’ll feel a little better about myself because I felt like crying as I left my weigh-in tonight. Perhaps I’m just being hard on myself and wanting too much too quickly but I know this is a journey and I will have my ups and downs along the way.
Last Wednesday I dragged myself back to Zumba for the first time in over a year. I originally started going around 2 years ago and I’d stand at the back with the most oversized attire you’ve ever seen – honestly, straight up tent! – and I was mortified. A few months later and I was front and centre, not really giving a rats ass and enjoying myself. I strangely found myself slipping back into it much easier than I’d thought and I went again on Monday. I honestly felt it was such a great way to help tone and lose weight before so I’m hoping it helps again. I’m aiming to work out 4 times a week regularly to get myself into a routine and burn some calories.
Just a small update – I’ll be back next week to update you on how I’ve gotten on and hopefully I’ll have lost some inches and some lbs.
What have you cut out / started doing to get healthy this year?
Love, Katie xo
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