I posted a few weeks back about my upcoming Leeds 10k run and the reasons for me registering, I had such lovely feedback from that post from followers, friends, colleagues and family which touched me so much.
I’ve had major anxiety about the run, to the point that I’ve struggled to sleep on a night and beaten myself up about how unfit I am. My training hadn’t gone too great as my fitness levels are non existent at the moment and I’ve had my fair share of excruciating blisters (thank god for compeeds!)
So I woke on Sunday morning feeling sick and nervous, bladder included (ha) and had major road rage having to drive back home for my headphones and generally being late. I’d say I’m not one for being a drama queen but that would be an out and out lie.
The race was scheduled to start at 9:30am, by this point it was seriously scorching and like a fool I didn’t use any sunscreen except on my face so I’m currently sporting some extremely sexual tan lines. *fail*. All the elite runners (myself NOT included) began at 9:30 but it was around 9:45 when the ‘fun’ runners began. I’d made the conscious effort to run as far as my body would let me and I began relatively well. Then the heat really hit me like a tonne of bricks and I was stop-starting from then on. I ended up power walking the majority of the run whilst having a massive argument with myself for struggling. My hand was swollen throughout and was extremely uncomfortable especially with the unbearable heat. Honestly, massive props to those who ran the entire way, I wish I could have pushed myself to do so.
As I got towards the finish line, I literally gathered all the energy I could muster and sprinted across the line where I burst into tears. That had to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I just wish I’d been able to run longer. My target was 1hr 30mins and I’d promised myself I’d finish within that time. The timer on the finish showed 1hr 37mins and my heart broke, I felt like I’d let everyone who sponsored me down and also my Mum who I was running for. It wasn’t until I was told that the timer was from when the first runner started – not from when I started and a correct time would be issued. Thankfully, my time came through at 1hr 23mins and safe so say I felt a complete pansy crying when I’d actually come within my target.
I’ve had so many amazing messages of support today which meant the absolute world to me along with lots of donations from lovely people. This is going to spur me on to get some serious weight off, get fit and try again next year.
Love, Katie xo
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