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Something a little different today, hopefully enjoyable all the same.
I’ve had the busiest weekend for a long time, literally from getting my brows done on Thursday night (stressful getting there, left my phone at work) to getting home from a charity ball on Bank Holiday Monday, I’d not stopped. So Monday was for watching Nashville, Once Upon a Time and my new favourite show, the horrifically brilliant The Fall. (BBC2. Mondays. 9pm. You know the drill)
So, I left work at 4 on Friday and rushed home to get ready within 40 minutes, not an easy task let me tell ya, so I could grab my bestest and drive to Manchester. Luckily, we only hit a small amount of traffic on the way, no thanks to me being late at setting off and only giving us an hour and half to get there and eat. McDonald’s it was.
That aside, the reason for the visit to Manchester was to meet up with my other friend and her sister to see Alicia Keys. Amazingly, my friends Dad is part of the production crew so we were able to go to the concert for free. We were sat a staggering 8 rows from the front and the view was perfect.
I’ve not seen Alicia before but always enjoyed her music. I took my Canon camera to snap away however an arsey attendant told me to stop taking pictures and put my camera away. I’m thinking its because my camera was deemed professional so I switched to my phone. You know, like everyone else. *sigh*
Alicia was amazing live, her voice sounded incredible and for someone who isn’t necessarily a performer in the sense of a big production, the show was thoroughly enjoyable.
After a detour around Manchester, who needs sat nav when you’ve got Katie/Amy- nav? I got home a little before 1am.
Then on Saturday after a trip to see my Grandma I had a yearly birthday reunion with some of my old school friends. We had a BBQ and then went into Leeds a little worse for wear. I really enjoy these reunions as you always find yourself easily back comfortable with everyone despite not seeing each other for a year. A good time was had by all, including lots of dancing and stumbling home for 4am.
So by the time Sunday comes around, I’m running on empty so a Starbucks Vanilla Latte and a red bull is on the menu.
Sunday evening consisted of driving to Rotherham to attend a Charity Ball with my Mum and Stepdad. I’ve never been to one of these and after my Mum bought me what she thought was a lovely dress, we rushed to TKMaxx at the last minute for a dress. I tried about 8 dresses on, the changing rooms were a bomb site but eventually I decided on a sparkly, navy number with a slit up the thigh. Eat your heart of Angelina!
The ball had a James Bond theme, with all the tables named after the movies. We sat at Live and Let Die which was funny because my Stepdad is a will writer.
We had a lovely meal with a great auction and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. That being said I was sober and my Mum ended up being a little worse for wear dancing to Will.i.Am and Britney Spears.
So that’s my bank holiday weekend folks, hope everyone enjoyed theirs!
Love, Katie xo
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