I keep getting drawn to Bumble and bumble products – maybe its all the good things I hear or maybe it’s just because I absolutely love the packaging (silly, I know).
I recently bought the Sunday Shampoo and I bought the 50ml Deeep hair masque/conditioning treatment at the same time. I find with hair treatments that I prefer to buy the smaller sizes so that if I don’t like the product I haven’t wasted all my pennies on the large size.
Deeep is a once a week hair treatment for chemically treated, under nourished and sun damaged hair. Now my hair definitely isn’t sun damaged as we’re well into Autumn here but my hair is chemically treated as I have a full head of bleach highlights so that’s definitely what attracted me to Deeep.
It is recommended that the masque is applied to damp hair and left for a maximum of 20 minutes – the geniuses at Bumble and bumble even state to wrap your head in either cling film, a warm towel or a shower cap as the heat activates the protein in the masque for optimum results. I’ll be honest, I haven’t really had the time to try this out in the recommended manner but I have used it on my hair for around 5-6 minutes before rinsing off and it has left my hair much smoother, softer and shiner.
I did feel that I had to use a large amount to really work it into my hair and that the masque didn’t really have a scent which was a bit of a let down because who doesn’t love smelling really nice things?
I’m going to have to find some time to use this properly and see if I will repurchase.
Have any of you guys used this, if so what do you think?

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