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Benefit Cosmetics was the first higher end brand that I got into when I started to earn my own dollar aged 17.
 The packaging is what really got me, super quirky and cartoon like. I was instantly drawn to it and started building a cheeky collection. However, as I’ve grown older I’ve found myself “maturing” make up wise, mainly buying MAC, Nars etc. I also found that Benefit is extremely overpriced – I often find you’re paying for the packaging.
I’ve been getting my brows done at Benefit for the majority of this year following the recommendation from my best friend. She’s always been fortunate enough to have full, thick brows! Although, when we were at school we all prided ourselves on having thin, sparce brows. Oh how the times have changed! I’ve been trying to grow my brows and try and develop a matching arch in my right eyebrow (aka the duff one) so having them done at Benefit has been working wonders. I have a tint and a wax, although today I decided to forgo the “hint of black” I usually have because I’ve lightened my hair considerably since my last appointment.
Today, there was an offer of a free mascara with any purchase – I had thought I’d better save some pennies but I’m a sucker for an offer so I sat down and had one of the sales assistants try some products on me, two of which being the “They’re Real” Mascara and the “Watts Up” Highlighter. I queried which mascara I got free and the sales assistant said it was the “They’re Real”, so I thought why not? Turns out it wasn’t that mascara but the horrific “Bad Gal Lash” mini. Meh. Anyway, as I’d already decided on the highlighter and bronzer and I wanted the mascara, I found myself at the till with a large bill.
That aside, I must say that the highlighter is stunning, by using a small amount and blending lightly with the fingers, it gives a illuminated champagne glow to the cheeks and brow bone. As I have skin slightly on the oily side, I try to stay clear of cream based highlighters but found this one to be really light and not overly pigmented either. You can build this highlighter up, giving a more vibrant finish – perfect for nights out.
I’ve heard a lot about the “They’re Real” mascara, all good things surprisingly. Mainly because I wouldn’t really find myself at Benefit for a mascara. Especially as I detest the “Bad Gal Lash” with it getting dry super quick and it’s ridiculously large wand. This mascara gives great volume at the root and elongates the lashes perfectly. I found my peepers looked much bigger and defined with two coats.
Hoola was one of the first bronzers I owned back in the day, although I hardly used it because I was a pasty young thing before I discovered tan. I repurchased due to the fact that I smashed not only my Urban Decay Baked Bronzer but my beloved NARS Laguna. *RIP* So I was in need for a new bronzer. I prefer bronzers that are either matte or have a slight shimmer to them so this is perfect. The boxed powders have gone up massively in price since I used to buy them that’s for sure!

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